Adeo Toilet Frame

R 1,850.00

The Adeo Toilet Frame will offer support around any toilet. It is height adjustable from 64cm to 74cm so can be adjustaed to the most comfortable height for you.


The discreet and aesthetically pleasing design of the Invacare Adeo C407A enables it to fit well into any homecare setting and is easy to clean.

Key features

Attractive design: A discreet and elegant design to fit well into any homecare setting.
Durability: The product is designed with high standard materials to last longer.
Adjustability: Integrated adjustments of the frame allow for a more supportive fit for the user accommodating a range of heights.
Space-saving: Designed to be compact and fit into smaller toilet and bathroom environments.
Safety: The Invacare Adeo provides a convenient and safer toileting alternative for users with reduced mobility.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 67 × 44 × 10 cm

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