Everyday Sponge

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Long handled bath sponge with bendable handle

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The everyday sponge has a smooth surface perfect for washing.
It can also be used as a lotion applicator for the back, legs, and feet.
The bendable long handle can be easily adjusted to help wash all over your body allowing you to be independent when bathing
Overall length is 53cm (21″).
With a lightweight handle the long handled bathroom sponge is easy to hold even with wet hands.
A handy bathing aid for use in the shower or bath, for all adults not just the disabled or elderly.

Product Specification
Length: 21″/53cm

Dimensions: 53 x 13 x 5cm

Weight: 150g

Material: Polypropylene, foam

Hygiene: Washable

Warranty: 12 months

Disposal: Recyclable

Product Code: HA0750

How do I bend the handle?
Our long handled sponges and brushes can have their handles ‘set’ in a bend/curve to help you reach that awkward spot more easily. Simply hold the handle under hot water or warm with a hairdryer to soften the plastic. Bend the handle to the desired angle and cool the handle under cold water to set.

The everyday long handled sponge comes complete with a hanging point in the handle. Secure a cord through to hang up and dry over the bath. Avoid water dripping on to the bathroom floor. Hygienic, washable and practical – clean for when you next want to use.

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