Handi-Grip Max 80cm

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Handi-Grip Max 80cm has a lockable ergonomic handle. It has a 90 rotating head with soft rubberised jaw lips with increased grip.

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It can sometimes be difficult to firmly hold on to what you want to pick up. We’ve added a lock function so you don’t need to hold on tight.

What else? Like the Handigrip Pro:

  • Just like a human hand, you can pick up what you want like your own finger and thumb.
  • The Soft lips flex – you can easily pick up a coin off the hall floor. Try it with a human hair!
  • With a wider opening jaw, you can pick up as much as you can hold – bottle, tin, jar.
  • Non slip grip – even with you pick up a blouse or the newspaper.
  • Don’t worry about bending down – you can attach your reacher/grabber to your walking stick, walker or wheelchair with a stick clip.


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