Molicare Premium Bed Mat Textile Mattress Protector 85 x 90cm

R 600.00

Molicare Premium Textile mats are reusable, washable underpads for bed protection; absorbent core of soft nonwoven with extra high absorption capacity; the surface is soft and kind to the skin and guides wetness completely into the absorbent core and safely keeps it in side; water impermeable coating on the inner side; retains it’s shape due to sewn edges all around; can be washed and tumble dried, highly durable.

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Reusable, washable underpad for bed protection; the absorbent layer is made of soft non-woven fabric and has an extremely high absorption capacity; the soft, skin-friendly surface guides wetness away into the absorbent non-woven layer, where it is safely retained, features an inner waterproof lamination; anti-slip due to crinkled layer on the underside; maintains its shape due to firmly sewn seams all around, can be boiled and dried in a dryer; has a long useful life; the upper side is in light green color.

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85cm x 90cm, 75cm x 85cm


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