Suction Cup Grab Bar 29cm

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Suction grab bar for shower, bath or toilet.

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Our suction cup bar makes it possible to secure a bath, a shower or a toilet without having to drill unsightly holes in a wall tile. It can be installed in seconds without tools and is mainly used to take support when leaving the shower or bathtub.
The main advantages of a suction cup bar: you can place it and move it without outside help, the tenants do not have to make holes in the earthenware, you can take it on a trip with you because it is light and little cumbersome… Press the two side levers and it holds very firmly on all smooth surfaces (tiles, earthenware, glazed surface, lacquered paint, PVC surface of shower cubicles…).

Fixing by 2 large suction cups. Grip 11 cm.

Length 29cm.

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