Tenura Antimicrobila Reel

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Creates a strong anti slip grip which can be applied to many objects around the home
Helps to improve grip and make objects easier to use
Can be wrapped around objects with ease
Can be found in many sizes


Tenura silicone anti slip grip strips and rolls offer a DIY alternative to the manufactured range and provide bespoke solutions to grip issues. It can be easily moulded or wrapped around objects and handles etc. as well as used flat in a serving tray or on wheelchair foot plates . Because it is thin and flexible it can also be successfully used as an unobtrusive drawer or shelf liner

Tenura grip strips and rolls can be used to wrap around objects and utensils, such as cutlery to improve grip when impaired by arthritis and degenerative muscle conditions.

Tenura anti slip grip rolls are available in red or blue.


Providing firm grip and hold for domestic objects such as cups, plates and ornaments
Shelf, tray and drawer liner
Providing firm grip for handles, knobs etc.

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Blue 1m x 30cm, Blue 2m x 40cm, Red 1m x 30cm, Red 2m x 40cm, Blue 1m x 20cm, Red 1m x 20cm


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